Khrushchev, that is.

Anyway, I think this fellow is very unfair to shoes, which is almost as bad as being uncivilized, though not as bad as the current war the lame ducks got us into. This moment will live in memory as emblematic of the nadir of America's reputation abroad.


Laurie said...

I was actually very impressed with the President's reflexes. Especially since the guy seemed to have very good aim. I wonder if it maybe has happened before...

Stan said...

Scott, what do you think would improve our reputation with the ever violent? I see this entirely differently... as you and I frequently do. These folks hate each other with a savagery we do not appreciate. Why would they not hate us? We could wipe out Israel and give it over to the raging hords who would then slaughter each other to gain possession of it. It is their way of life since the 5th century: hate and violence.

I think I have come around to your way of thinking ( and the Libertarians) on at least one thing: we should exit the middle east immediately. We should abandon Israel to the vagaries of history. We should pull back entirely into our own boundaries and stop interfering anywhere in the world. And then we should build the Great Wall of the USA.

The world disrespects us. We should mind our own business and let them do what they are going to do. Maybe the radiation cloud won't reach all the way to the USA.

As Always,