I have to say that I am thrilled with the cabinet people at Golden State Woodworking.

Even though my little project was accomplished in a space about the size of many folk's closets, they treated me like I was a businessman who needed a six-figure installation.  They met with me twice at the site, developed two sets of CAD drawings with corrections, and then met with me a third time at their facility to make sure they got it right.  As an extra precaution, they agreed to fabricate in two stages to ensure that as we installed, any tweaks needed due to the slope of the garage floor could be made seamless.   This is the second stage:

Well, bravo.  Here is the piece designed to mount the digital recorder, which I turn is free-floating over the oval aperture in the desktop, where the XLR and phono jacks are mounted under the control room window---the interior wood has not yet been stained to match the laminate:

Here is the reinforced sliding heavy-duty drawer to support an 88-key master controller key board:

Here, a shelf within the cabinet housing the studio computer and related components has been cut to accommodate extra wiring:

Here's a drawer for a standard-size (computer) keyboard, next to the computer cabinet.   Closed, then opened...

 And now, here's the (now-stained, and dried) mount, hosting the hard disk recorder, which is now connected via a 6-channel XLR snake to the connectors in the recording space on the other side of the control room window:

You'll notice a single powered monitor to check the connections.   At a right angle, above the computer keyboard, is an Arturia 61-key USB keyboard controller to directly control the virtual synths and samplers in the studio computer.   This will double as a solo instrument for a keyboard rig at larger live venues, one hopes, to go along with one or more Kurzweils (more on that later):