I'm beginning to wonder about me. It seems like most of the non-science blogs that I follow have all gone strangely idle. C'est moi?

There's Amused Muse, with the usually-lively Kristine, but her posts have slowed to a trickle in the last few months. Kristine, I luv ya, post something. And, no, I haven't forgotten about that Cars mashup.

There's Wishing Doesn't Make It So, an absolutely fascinating look into the personal struggle of a lady raised Seventh-Day Adventist who's discovered that she finds the scientific consensus on evolution...compelling. A nice lady, but conflicted.

There's the former Imago Dei, in which Amanda gradually lost her conventional evangelical belief in God, then pretty much all belief (awww), and now posts only sporadically about the things that really interest her, which (depressingly) of late seems to consist of the fiction of Stephanie Meyer. Maybe she'll pick up the pace now that she's apparently dating again.

There's Science After Sunclipse, hosted by the ridiculously smart Blake Stacey, who has a penchant for posting about LaTex and other schemes for representing math stuff on web pages, and other very cool stuff that I can't say that I understand very well. Blake's a go-to guy most days, but of late apparently reality has intruded, and he's down to less than a post-per-week.

Now, all of this of course is just cover for the fact that I haven't posted much lately due to a combination of personal drama fatigue, caution over being handed over to 'Internal Affairs' and the draining demands of Finals. Still, I have to play Pepe LePew and ask, 'Is it me?'