The district has postponed our move out of the trailers for the second time in two weeks. To put it mildly, we science teachers are not happy.

I've previously posted about this, and you can read about the trials and tribulations of what is called 'modernization' by clicking on posts with the label 'The Classroom (Ugh)'. There's even a video in one of the posts which tries to humorously contrast the situation I'm in with a past of negligence and (hopefully) a better future. Next year, in Jerusalem!



My mom, responding to an earlier post, wants me to know she is still casting her lot with the Senator from Arizona, contra yours truly.

I love my Mom, and I want any readers to know I don't bear any animus to most Republicans, even the aggressive ones who are having conniption fits with reality. It's observably true that John McCain has found himself in a campaign that's at odds with his values, and it's also a shame that people on both sides of the aisles often forget that the values (as oppossed to the policies) of the opposition party are not necessarily at odds with our own values. In a perfect world, limited government would be better than a bloated, centralized bureaucracy for a host of reasons. I prefer to be around folk who accept responsibility for their actions, rather than leech off working people and taxpayers. As a Christian, I do believe that there are places in our society where a confession of faith is seen as an admission of guilt, and I don't care for that. So, I can sympathize with people who hold these values, and others that tend to be emphasized more by the GOP than Democrats.

Besides, if I had an adversarial frame of mind toward Republicans in general, I think I would succumb pretty quickly to a siege mentality. CSU Fresno and the schools are blue blemishes on Fresno County's rosy-red cheeks.