Well, I look at the blog and I see basically just one post for September and only one since that time, which was essentially a repost of a little trash-talking over at the baseball blog.

I've been quiet of late, for a lot of reasons:

First, and of greatest importance, I've been busy moving. We bought a new house, renovated it, then moved in the 95 percent of our possessions that have been in storage for a year. It's a nice house, but not as big as our previous residence in terms of storage, and so I've been having quiet a time with it. It's still not where I'm happy with it, as my studio gear is still largely unpacked and we are doing without a bedroom set after dolefully coming to grips with the fact that our former bedroom set was just too much for our bedroom (we sold it).

Also making me busy: the beginning of a new school year, and an additional prep for a course I've never taught previously, 'Environmental Science.' It's a third-year science course for the juniors and seniors who need a third year of science to graduate from Fresno Unified, but who don't want to essay either Physics or Chemistry. It's also different in that there is a public policy dimension to the course. The textbook is by a Ph.D who is also a lawyer, and there is an emphasis on how to communicate science to the public and policymakers. This is a bit different from what I'm used to. It would be nice to report that my 11th and 12th graders have the necessary literacy and math skills to make integrating this stuff a snap. Alas . . .

Also, I've been trying to resolve some technology problems at my school site. Administration giveth (new laptops for the classroom-yes!), but they also taketh away (not supporting teacher grade scales in the district grading program this year--boo!), and in some cases their best intentions haven't been realized. I am making an effort to not knuckle under to the pressure to conform. Hopefully the 'powers that be' in the district's technology wing will see the tender light of reason.

Another reason is that I'm soured on controversy at the moment, what with trying to get reestablished at work and at home. It's pretty clear from some stuff that's happened in the last two months that I have some creationists who have been trolling my blog trying to find some dirt on me. 'Anonymous' complaints and the like to my employer, baseless and unwarranted, petty harassment. Ordinarily that would just stoke my fire, but I'm just not in the mood right now. Maybe in a few months. One thing's for certain, when it comes time to teach Evolution I'll be in full bore. Cafe Scientifique is up and running again, too. Oh, and for you IDevotees out there, be advised that Eugenie Scott will be coming to Fresno and I fully intend to publicize it to the hilt.

So that's a lot of stuff, but I am starting to catch my second wind. In general, my Biology kids seem more engaged and higher-achieving than in the past, a lot of good things are happening at my school site and the house is starting to shape up. I'm getting a little bit more energy to do things, including this blog. So I hope my readers will still check in on me now and again...SH