My goodness, but it's been a whirlwind since I last posted, nearly two weeks. During that time:

  • I attended Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego, returning early Monday morning the 27th. I have way too much to share about this stuff, and much of it is on video, which I won't be able to upload for awhile, because . . .

  • The refurbishment of my room following summer school necessitated the disassembly of my school site computer setup on Tuesday the 28th, if only because the computer-based fantasy baseball simulation I run is most cooperative on those computers. Reinstallation to follow next week!

  • While I was gone, my wife began negotiating in earnest with the owners of a property other than the one we've been waiting for. Negotiations continued, and at one point (Sunday the 26th) we were looking at two other properties . By late Tuesday, it became clear that my sister-in-law (serving as our real estate agent) had done a fine job at holding the line on one house's value to us. The sellers, stuck in Colorado and unwilling to manage their property from afar, agreed to our terms: in 45 days or less, we will be moving out of the rental into a more accomodating (and, we hope, more permanent) address!

  • My brother-in-law who is the salt of the earth, a really trustworthy guy, had surgery to amputate part of his finger, the result of a botched post-care for carpal tunnel surgery. Litigation to follow!

  • Another brother-in-law, who is at best merely salty, contested the management of the estate of my late father-in-law, hired a lawyer to present an entirely self-serving scheme to overturn the actions of the executor (his half-sister) and in general played the part of a jackass. Litigation may follow here, as well!
There is more, but it will have to probably wait until sometime next week, after I get done with district training called 'Capturing Kid's Hearts', which (unusually for Fresno Unified) has been sweetened with an additional pay contract. Once again, I note that FUSD's present Superintendent, Michael Hanson, seems willing to spend money on teachers if he sees a payoff in school performance.