So, here is is, February 9th. A project I've put a lot of time into (a proposal to adopt uniforms at my school site) is nearing the end. This evening, the FUSD Board (meeting at Yokomi Elementary) will rule first on whether to amend the district's policy on uniforms, and then almost immediately after approve or deny the Bullard School Site Council's request to implement uniforms.

I am understandably interested in the outcome, and will attend.

But is that the most important thing going on in my life? Not hardly. When I think about it, I forget to blog about the things that are the most important in my life. I tend to focus on this or that aspect of science education or personal nerdiness.

The most important thing that's happened to me, recently, however, is that my wife underwent surgery and (so far) seems to be making a rapid recovery as part of a treatment that includes changes in diet.

I took off two days last week to facilitate that. Tonight, the wife vows to do Pub Quiz....without me, since I'm committed to this school board thing. I will be thinking about her, though. She's been very brave, and very focused, and I'm very proud of her.

The next thing on my mind is that I'm slated to become a grandparent sometime this spring.

My son and his sweetie are expecting a baby girl, to be christened Savannah. I feel so fortunate that I can experience grandparenting at this stage of my life, when I should really be able to enjoy the crap out of it. I certainly hope so!

Another milestone: our oldest kid living at home (not the one with a bun in the oven) passed another one of his credentialing tests, and just missed passing the last one. There is a prospect that rescoring the tests could lead to a passing score, and without waiting for a retest date, that our spawn could pursue a full-time teaching job for the fall, with eventual independence (sigh) around the corner. That would be tremendous.

Finally, I have a student teacher this semester with a wonderful work ethic. I have really enjoyed watching her take on lesson preparation and delivery, and it really inspires me to 'up my game' and to be intentional in everything I do. Makes going to work twice as fun as normal!