Central Valley Cafe Scientifique is now meeting at Piazza Del Pane, near the intersection of Palm and Herndon, on the first Monday of each month in session:

Our new guidelines for attendees is that we encourage them to have dinner before the presentation, so that more attendees can fit into the patio area without the crowding of a full-course meal with plates, silverware, etc. We received very strong positive vibes from the nearly 80-odd folk who attended last month's gathering, and support for having dinner earlier and facilitating more room for the actual presentation.

Our next presentation, this Monday evening (Nov. 2nd), should be a hoot:

Here's the flyer for next month's speaker (click to enlarge, it's a fairly big image) . . .

Well, what can I say? It's science, open to the public and free! We encourage you to get a beverage or even a full meal, and most people do, but that is completely optional. Why not check it out, with or without appetite, and support science and science education?



PZ Myers has been live-blogging a conference at the University of Chicago that I would dearly love to attend myself, as it has a host of luminaries on the subject of evolution: historians, philosophers, and even scientists!

One particular talk described by PZ, by Neil Shubin, seems remarkably similar in outline to an address that Shubin gave in California a while back, which aired on UCTV this month. The whole thing can be viewed below. It's a hoot, enjoy!