From the ridiculous to the sublime. Or the sublemon. I dunno.

My wife and I play on a team with an ever-changing name in the Fresno Pub Quiz. Recently our team beat out about 25 other gangs of six to win a share of a fat four-figure prize. Given that it costs the two of us just $10 /week to compete, it was a pretty nice win.

In fact, it was such an improbably-sizeable win (I won't bore you with the details) that they've decided to reduce the length of time a jackpot carries over from one week to the next. Seems that they were getting a bit nervous about it!

What can I say? I like winning, but having played College Bowl and been in the Jeopardy pool and all that, I can't say that I'm surprised to be on the winning side now and then, nor can I crow too much about the jackpot. After all, if you win enough games, you'll win your share of jackpots. But my wife? She has definitely found her obsession, and she loves the team we play with, because everyone who is there is definitely in it to win it. Witness, for example, our team captain's Facebook post:

It's....um.....the winning sheet from our most recent victory, with every response in all four rounds tagged with some explanatory comment. Have to admit, gets me kind of pumped up, makes me want to win again....!