My aunt Mae Dean is now a blogger, too, just like me! How 'bout that! She's a newbie, so why not go by her site and give her a word of encouragement?a

Soon to come, by popular demand, a blog just for those interested in my Dad's new book!



My exchange with Vox has pretty much run out of 'umph', and that's due to three factors:

  • I haven't posted about it in more than a week, as reality has definitely intruded
  • The exchange has become increasingly technical, with each of us needing time to do a little research.
  • Vox and I are actually in substantive agreement; his position is different from conventional creationists who want to import Big Sky Daddy into the classroom; rather, his is one of general skepticism as to the sufficiency of the present paradigm to describe all phenomena (plus, of course, his general scorn of those atheists who are quick to invoke evolution as 'evidence' for their position.)
It's a surprising outcome, as the former general skepticism is entirely consonant with the scientific worldview, and not at all that friendly to the doctrinaire conservative hooie that is spewed by many of the posters at Vox's site. Really, from my point of view it puts Vox in the same company as S.J. Gould, who (as Dennett put it) held out hope for something like a 'skyhook' to accompany natural selection.

So, in my next post I'll briefly address the last two points that Vox makes (the case of the naked mole rat, and the question of whether evolutionary theory is epicyclic), then suggest where this exchange might be more fruitfully directed.



On the one hand, Monday evening was our first meeting of Cafe Scientifique, and it was very well-attended, and I feel optimistic about the prospects of Valley Cafe Sci serving as a 'seed' for the promotion of science education in Fresno County.

On the other hand, my Padres blew their last chance to make the playoffs, coughing up the winning runs in extra frames as Hoffman blew consecutive saves at the worst possible time (the last two appearances in the regular season). Really, without a doubt, the most frustrating moment in this fan's memory.

So, basically, I'm battling clinical depression. I'll start posting again in earnest tomorrow, when the St. John's Wort kicks in.



My club has blown back-to-back chances to cinch a playoff spot. Now they have a one-game playoff against the hottest club in baseball. As Bart Giamatti once opined, it's designed to break your heart.


Wendee Holtcamp is a doll, writes well, is a doll, takes beautiful pictures, is a doll and loves science.

Did I mention she is a doll?

Seriously, though, check out this collection of pics that Wendee took at Big Bend National Park. What an eye for nature!