I finally got my copy of my Dad's new book. All I can say is, wow. Writing the kinds of books that my Dad specializes involves much more than generating text. There are all sorts of other considerations with how to handle illustrations and photographs, and Dad's made clear that, in past work-for-hire projects, his input into that part of the process was limited.

You can't say that about this book: it's a labor of love, and my father had lots of editorial control over this project. It is not only the most interesting work he's ever done, it is also the most visually arresting of his books. It is, in a word, a thing of beauty that draws admiration from folk who know nothing about the colorful history of motorcycling.

I should warn those who are interested, however, that this book is unlikely to pop up in bookstores any time soon. My Dad has chosen to directly market it himself! Those who want more information can e-mail the author at: beemer73@sbcglobal.net

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