If you are an educator, or if you care about education, you should be careful about clicking on the link. Don't do this on a full stomach. I'm warning you.

This is Miss SC on the problem of geographical literacy.


Farris Thorne said...

When she begins with "Some U.S.
Americans... don't have maps..." you know it's headed nowhere but downhill.

The funny thing: She provided perhaps *the* definitive answer to the question... but certainly
not in the way she had hoped.

Any chance of getting her to speak at Cafe Scientifique? ft

Salt said...

That clip should be shown in every Public School classroom -

"Yes, you too are receiving the finest education money can buy!"

Karen said...

I had to turn it off at the "don't have maps" part - I think it's just too early for me to have to deal with whatever stupidity she was going to follow THAT up with.

Anonymous said...

US Americans are helping by providing her with a map:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't know how to cut and paste. Check out Boing Boing and you'll see it.

Scott, at least she wasn't asked a science question...

Bruce Anderson