I predicted that Santorum would gain traction, suggesting that evangelicals such as Gary Bauer and James Dobson would pick the Pennsylvania hard-core pro-lifer as the non-Mormon conservative to rally around. Well, Santorum actually hasn't gained that much traction, stalling a bit in New Hampshire after some testy Q-and-A's with college-age crowds.

Nevertheless, he has been anointed. Santorum actually would be in worse shape, if it wasn't for the strength of his opposition. Perry and Huntsman are both non-factors that may be outdrawn by the Stephen Colbert Political Stunt Machine, and while Gingrich has hurt Romney with his questions about Bain, he has also bled some support in the backlash, wherein GOP faithful fall for the false equation: "Gingrich questions Bain Capital business practices = Gingrich places capitalism on trial."

Which reminds me of something, visible after the ad.....