Well, I guess I now have time to blog again...being after five in the evening on a Saturday, both my home and school computers up, and much of my preparation for the first day of school in the books.

I've blogged about related cases before, and so it is with a small feeling of satisfaction that I note that the plaintiffs attempts to force the University of California to accept their mutilated version of a biology course as meeting the former's 'a-g requirements' has been rejected by the courts. NCSE has a summary of the events, and a PDF of the court's decision in entirety is available here.

Really, when I think of the hoops that both I and my students have to satisfy in order to meet UC's requirements for a lab science course, among them meeting the California State Standards, I feel a little ticked off that the suit went as far as it did. Anyone who has actually taught a standards-based course in this state would recognize PDQ that the bodies in this suit were not meeting the standards. And, you know, not all high school science courses are intended to address those standards, which we teachers often find onerous. At the school I teach, we offer pretty fair courses in anatomy, ecology, zoology and environmental science. They are fine offerings, but they don't satisfy either the UC a-g requirements or the standards. This is enough of an issue that we face pressure from within the district to eliminate any science electives and confine instruction to standards-based courses!

Under the circumstances, I don't think it asks too much of private schools to meet the same standards. To those who chafe at what they feel are the metaphysical challenges to their (typically Biblical) worldview, I can only wonder why they would feel that their religious liberty exempts them from teaching the standards. After all, the educational establishment is not compelling sectarian believers to affirm or deny anything as gospel.


I recognize that some of my readership has sent me emails with questions or comments and haven't received a reply. However, I've been essentially off-line since Thursday morning (Aug. 7th) due to a change in residence, so it's going to take a few days to get caught up. Please be patient. I don't have Internet at home yet, and I need to use my school computer to, um, actually do school stuff.