My Mom and Dad recently toured Southern California, in part to promote his book 'Flat Out!', and in part to meet motor sports enthusiast Jay Leno and tape a segment on motorcycles for Mr. Leno's web site "Jay Leno's Garage." Here's late night's most celebrated profile posing with my parents during the taping session. Mom and Dad have a running gag going with their Sunday School class about Dad's 'close personal friend', so they wanted to share the candid shot above with me.

Hey, and guess what?


Anonymous said...
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Jim Sherwood said...

You're a fool, you know. Many non-theists, such as myself, believe in evolution in the sense of descent of new species from old: but we question the Darwinist dogma that evolution must, for some reason, be driven by wholly mindless causes. EXPELLED sounds like a great film.

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

I'd rather be a fool than a hit-and-run artist. Your claim to be a 'non-theist' runs afoul of your rhetoric, as when you describe real science as 'Darwinism', which implies a belief system. Listen, pal, no one claims that evolution is driven by wholly mindless causes. Sexual selection, for example, involves a certain amount of mind at work. The problem with the claim of 'intelligent design' is not whether or not it runs afoul of the present model. The problem is that its advocates don't have evidence to support their claims.

If YOU have evidence to go with your insults, I'd like to see it.