This is my 300th post since beginning this blog about 11 months ago. I've somehow managed to average a post a day. Not that big a deal when compared to the profligacy of some, but something of a surprise to me. I never imagined I would end up posting so often.

Also, I've had about 8,000 visitors in the last 72 hours, largely due to my glomming onto the hubbub about 'Expelled.' I hope most of my visitors found what I had to share helpful or interesting, and it tickles me to get that amount of traffic. Again, a surprise to me, and again a definite milestone.

I would like to thank two people, especially, for encouraging me to start blogging on my own. One is my friend and colleague Madhusudan Khatti. The other is my friend Calladus of CVASS. Thanks, gentlemen. You were right, and I'm glad that I listened to your advice.


Unknown said...

I knew you had it in you, Mr. Molly! Well done.

And I'm glad to have given the little nudge that landed you into your own blogpatch after months of hanging around Pharyungula and other shady corners of the blogosphere! 300 posts in under a year, and 8000 visitors this week is nice going indeed! Somehow I haven't managed anything like even one post per day.

BTW, my last name is Katti - no "h" there!

Now let's see if there is any spike in my traffic through your linkage. I don't think I've had 8000 visitors all year!

You know, somehow I had forgotten your mentioning Calladus and CVAAS to me a year ago, and have only recently "rediscovered" them. Do you know if we've attracted any of them to our Café Scientifique events yet?

And I just noticed you're moderating some sort of dialog/debate between CVAAS and the New Covenant Church next month. Always in the middle of things, aren't you? Keep it up!

Moderator said...

Congratulations Scott!

Anonymous said...

I for one appreciate your insights, which are thought out and not full of the vituperation found on the so-called "science" blogs. Keep it up!