OK, I admit it, I'm a fan boy for all things Potter. I live in the Potterverse, and I'm excited. For those of you who share my enthusiams, here's the drill:aMuggleNet reports that a German site has a very large number of clips of the upcoming Harry Potter movie available to view here. Devoted fans who have already read the books should decide for themselves whether or not viewing these clips (in German) will spoil the film. Myself, I left the sound off and drooled over the visuals, often wondering exactly what I was seeing. You've been warned. Don't look, if you don't want to know anything in advance!

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Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I'm way more excited about the 7th book than the 5th movie (it was my least favourite of the books so far), but I'll still go and see it anyway.

BTW, tag! you're it.