Sometimes, people bag on me for hanging out with skeptics, especially the religious kind. But skepticism at its core is not so much a philosophy as it is an attitude:

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R. Moore said...

You bet it is an attitude! In fact, I found an effective response (though not in the way I expected) to a YEC, who told me (without blinking) that there is no evidence the planet Earth is more than 10,000 years old.

I responded that it was personally insulting to be spoken to like I was an idiot. That to assume I knew so little about science and history that an argument of such clear, utter, falseness would have any impact on me at all was to be about as disrespectful as one could get at a university of higher learning.

Amazingly, he backed off, uttering multiple apologies, and quickly left.

And I was just staring to have fun!