Hey! Here's, like, evolution-related entertainment in our neck of the woods!

Canadian rap artist, performance poet and actor Baba Brinkman is appearing as part of the Rogue Festival in Fresno this weekend:

6:00 PM, Friday, 2/27
4:45 PM Saturday, 2/28
2:45 PM Sunday, 3/1
9:30 PM Sunday, 3/1

It's a 50-minute show, rated PG-13 ('sexual references, mature subject matter, but NO SWEARING, he says"). Here's a PDF file describing the show.

All shows in the greater Fresno area are at Severance Art Studio (1401 N. Wishon Ave.)

The cost is $10.00

“The Rap Guide to Evolution” explores the history and current understanding of Darwin’s theory, combining remixes of popular rap songs with storytelling rap/poems that cover Natural Selection, Artificial Selection, Sexual Selection, Group Selection, Unity of Common Descent, and Evolutionary Psychology.

“The Rap Guide to Evolution” was developed with the support of the British Council, and its scientific advisors have vetted the entire script for both scientific and historical accuracy, making it a powerful teaching tool as well as a laugh-out-loud entertainment experience. The show also engages directly with challenging questions about cultural evolution, asking the audience to imagine themselves as the environment and the performer as an organism undergoing a form of live adaptation.

The show here is billed as the North American premiere! Wow! Fresno? Who woulda thunk it?

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