Shortly after I returned from my vacation in San Diego, my father-in-law, Jay Lawley, passed away in the presence of his family and friends. I was fortunate to return when I did, and I am grateful that my colleagues (who could've easily spent another half-day on the convention floor) were more than willing to get off to an early start on Sunday morning.

Jay was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer back in February
and has suffered through increasingly reduced health circumstances since early April, as I chronicled here. He was aware of his family's presence at the end as we held, kissed and cried over his form. As his labored breathing gradually became more irregular, I applied lotion to his feet as others held his hands and head. As I looked at his one open eye, I saw the phenomena wherein 'the light goes out': the eye became dull and gray. His chest rose mechanically twice more, and then he was gone, released from his pain and suffering.

We are left behind, to deal with ours. I will write more later, as I can bear it.


Charles Hatfield said...

Take care, Scott. Our thoughts are with you and with your whole family.

Anonymous said...

My sincerest condolences Scott.