OK, with regards to this matter, what I now know:

The church in question WILL be appearing at my campus (Bullard High School).

They will, however, NOT be in the theatre, which was reserved, but in the cafeteria.

My school site administrators are aware of the problem, and are concerned that advertising is going out identifying Bullard as a host site, when the church in question was informed two weeks ago that the Bullard site was not available.

Finally, I have received much information and helpful suggestions from many sources. Much of this help, no doubt, was funneled through a post at PZ Mwahaha's. As always, Professor Myers, thank you for making common cause with me against a common foe. At this point, I think I owe you a couple of pitchers of beer.


My relaxation seems to be unwarranted. I guess I just wanted it to be untrue, and when administrators said it wouldn't, they were similarly engaging in wishful thinking. It's not a site decision, it's a district decision, so Patton and Company WILL apparently be at Bullard, just not in the cafeteria. See the above post..!


Unknown said...

Wow! Glad your public school space is not being violated, Scott - but you still might get some confused people showing up for the talk given the advertising. Perhaps you should not advertise the cancellation, and surprise them with an alternative series of lectures on the *real* science on the age of the earth, rocks, and fossils. Perhaps you can persuade Ray Hall to give his "deep time" talk which was received so well at our Café Scientifique last week!

R. Moore said...

...rent other facilities in the school district?

Ok, so where are the cockroaches scurrying to now, after the light was shown on them. This solves nothing my standpoint -- they need to keep this event within their own real estate.

Anonymous said...

This is great news, Scott! Let's hope Expelled also vanishes.