(musical cue: Flatt and Scruggs, 'Dueling Banjos')

The lefthanded millionaire says:

He heard the righthander admit to using HGH a few years back. In a second conversation, three years later, the righthander surprised him by changing his story, denying the use of any performance-enhancing drugs.

The righthander’s trainer supplied him, the lefthander, with steroids after an arm injury, which the lefthander injected in himself to no effect. He now regrets that decision, saying that was a ‘lapse of judgement.’

The trainer became angry when the lefthander asked him about the righthander’s steroid use, saying it was supposed to be confidential, but (according to the lefthander) also confirmed the righthander’s use of steroids.

He’s claims he’s coming clean and telling what he knows, because "I have to tell you all the truth. I have to live with myself. And one day I have to give an account to God and not to nobody else of what I've done in my life."

The righthanded millionaire says:

The trainer is lying.

The lefthander is mistaken about multiple conversations, but he’s still a good friend.

I never used steroids, and the only one who used HGH is my wife.

Former President Bush supports me.

Gee, which millionaire should I trust?

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