Here we go again. At right you see budding barrister Casey Luskin, prize attack poodle of the Disingenuous Institute, who is now rattling his sabre, threatening Les Lane, a retired virology professor, because...oh my.....what can I say...for using the same photo I just posted on my blog.

Well, it's not an oopsie, Mr. Luskin. As Tim Sandefur (another attorney, mind), points out, you have no grounds for threatening Dr. Lane with legal action. Your threat here is as empty as the threats made by the DI regarding an informational packet accompanying the Nova documentary 'Judgement Day', as vacant as the notion that law professors can put 'Darwin On Trial' and pretty much the sort of vexatious litigation for which Larry Caldwell has become notorious.

In case you missed the point of this post, Mr. Luskin, let me make it clear for you. You and your fellow gang of DI lawyers are a bunch of empty suits. You have nothing that will stand up either in a court of law or in the scientific community, so you endlessly grandstand to the general public, counting on the fact that most laypeople don't know enough about the law or the practice of science to see through your smokescreens.

So, as with Dr. Lane, I'm using the photo above without your permission. And I'm going to continue to use it, unlike Dr. Lane, who graciously removed said photo at your request. I don't care if you don't like it, because, laughable as it seems to me, you're a public figure on this issue, and the public has a right to connect a face to a position that they may find odious. You are free to disagree, and threaten me with legal action, if you like. But you won't , because as Dover proved, you guys don't have the stomach for a real fight.


Humanistic Jones said...

Oh snap... It on! It is very much true that they not only have no stomach for the fight, but that they also don't have anything to bring to the fight in the first place. All this amounts to is the Discotute attempting to control HOW people view them and their work.

Check YouTube, they hit ExtantDodo with a DMCA violation for using their work critically, but left videos that are nothing more than replays of their mockumentary alone.

Bad said...

I'm not sure using that photo serves any public purpose: it might even lead to facial profiling, by which innocent people who only look like Luskin are wrongfully arrested based on the resemblance.

ERV said...

I wish you could talk to the Harvard lawyers about the DI. Evidently Harvard got a big kick out of them during the Inner-Life-capade.

Eamon Knight said...

Anyone want to participate in a Google Bomb on the Case of Casey's Copyrighted Cameo?

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Hey, welcome everyone, especially the celebrated Abigail! I would love to have any of Harvard's counsel to chime in with what it was like to joust with the legal eagles of the DI. Google Bombing, though...what am I, a terrorist?...:)