Hey, it's Ken Miller, author of one of the most-used high school textbooks in the country and definitely the most popular high school biology text. It's the one whose adoption helped spark the misconduct that led to the Dover case. It's the one with sticker shock in Cobb County, Georgia. And it's the one that I use in my classroom.

Check out Miller's address to South Carolina's Board of Education, in which he defends his pedagogy. Notice how he manages to be assertive yet good-natured while in the mouth of the cannon. No doubt about it, Dr. Miller's one of my role models.

By the way, don't get too aflutter about this year's kerfuffle in South Carolina. Thanks to people like Ken Miller and the South Carolinians for Science Education, the attempt to 'delist' Miller and Levine failed and South Carolina kids will continue to be able to take advantage of texts that strongly support the teaching of evolution and natural selection.