I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. I come by it honestly: my grandfather was a fan when they were an expansion team 48 years ago, and I've been a loyalist since the Danny White days.

So, I have a little perspective, and what that means is:

1) This most recent playoff loss hurts, but not worse than a 1-15 season hurts

2) The Giants deserved to win, because they outperformed the Boys on special teams, avoided costly penalties and once they realized that left tackle Flozell Adams wasn't 100 percent, they crowded that side of the field. Not only did quarterback Tony Romo get pressure that he wasn't used to dealing with, this limited the effectiveness of running back Marion Barber, who had been so strong in the first half. And, while we're mentioning it, our receiving corps had its share of drops, including two likely scores. If only, if only...


SH said...

Ditto on all that Scott,

I always think back to the days with Roger Staubach. He was certainly the field general and I just don't think they come any better than the late coach Tom Landry. Actually, I’ve got the bug a bit more being from the Land of Texas. I was talking with some men about the game in a coffee shop this morning and told the guys that I am originally from Texas to which they welcomed me to the United States and asked me if I had my green card.

Yes, it was a sad game for the boys. I pointed out to my second son how Romo was really getting nervous toward the end. But I guess this will help develop more character in him. Always next year.

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

Seen at The Waterford in Pantego:

The Un-Official Dallas Cowboys Christmas Tree

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