So, it's like 5:16 in the morning and I'm waiting to copy files onto a thumb drive so I can transport them to a computer that still has a working copy of Power Point to make presentations to go with my concert in what, less than 14 hours? Why so late, you might wonder?

Well....the loudspeakers that I was going to use behind me are defective (woofer cones are starting to crumble around the edges). And I broke my guitar strap. And some of my singers are sick, no doubt because of the weather. I mean, the Valley's air leaves much to be desired on a good day, but prevailing wildfires in the region have made it hideous since Tuesday. And, of course, I found out that ALL the computers in my household don't have Power Point, despite the fact that at one point I had installed it on at least three machines. Don't ask!

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Maggie Rosethorn said...

Delurking to say: Good luck tonight, Scott. Since I'm on the other side of the country, I can't attend the concert. But you will be in my thoughts as you perform.