I'm not that surprised about Fresno State's win. Truth to tell, you could see they had something special going on when they won the WAC tournament to qualify for the CWS field.

I'm not surprised that Wilson pitched the best game of any pitcher in Omaha. He's a lefty with a decent fastball and he located his pitches like he was David Wells.

I admit to being amazed that Steve Detwiler, torn ligament and all, rewarded a bump up to the sixth spot in the order by driving in six runs with two homers and a double. You've got to pinch yourself on how the Dogs got their runs, if a guy with only one thumb does all the damage.

No, what has me completely flummoxed is that when Detwiler made the final catch moving briskly toward the right field line, that he had the presence of mind to shove the game ball into his back pocket while sprinting in to join the 'Dog Pile' joyously developing in the Rosenblatt infield. It's almost like the last out was scripted.

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