Tuesday was similarly hellacious.

Many phone conversations, a mid-day showing of our home (for the fourth time) for a prospective buyer (a dentist, I'm told) looking to move into the area....and, in two chunks, much recording time at Maximus. My engineer (and, really, my producer) Eric Sherbon has done wonders on short notice to polish up the sound, fly in various tracks and help me obtain a 'show mix' of some of the tunes from the CD project.

Now my dilemma is this: I need 'X' amount of material to give the show a definite beginning shape, musically, as opposed to being just an assortment of tunes. But 'X' amount of material is more than 45 minutes, and is approaching 50, and I have a bunch of other (more live) stuff to do. How long, really, can the concert go? It's a concern.

I eventually took all the tracks that Eric mixed for me and arranged them on my recorder. I don't have a doubt that I could put on a reasonably strong show with these seven tunes. But it's just too long, and I need to create an 'ending' of sorts. I may need to go back to the drawing board.

Letting off some steam, in the evening our softball team played easily its best game in over a year, especially on defense. We've really committed ourselves to improving our defensive play and it has really showed. We actually held the other team scoreless for four innings, and we won rather handily, 11-1, after just eking out a 4-3 victory last week. Good stuff.

Oh, and by the way, the Fresno State baseball team continues to make history. Go Dogs!

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R. Moore said...

I really like these updates -- makes me feel like an insider. Keep them coming if you can!

See you at the concert.