It's true, so true.

MuggleNet reports that shooting on 'The Half-Blood Prince' is underway, and alludes to a charming MTV video of Daniel Radcliffe in which, it turns out, he confides that he received a little advance hint from Rowling as to the fate of his character.

He is, as always, charming and intelligent. No wonder so many of my female students have attempted to sweet-talk me out of the oversize GOF movie poster in my classroom, a gift from a colleague and fellow HP fan.

Unfortunately for both of us, we have more than a year to wait until the scheduled premiere of the sixth film. Many people think that the series will lose steam with the conclusion of the books already foregone, but I think people miss out on the fact that there is something inherently fascinating about watching these characters grow up before our eyes---and even something disturbing. People routinely remark at how the increasingly grim consequences of Rowling's storyline began to disturb them, and the movies have pretty much followed the tone of gathering darkness. What few people seem to appreciate is what an original move this was for a work that seemingly began as 'children's literature' but ended up being as equally-beloved by hordes of 'adults' such as myself.

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Kausik said...

Mr. Hatfield! I had no idea!! I have been a longtime fan of the series, too!! I bought the seventh book twice... when my online pre-order from Barnes and Noble did not arrive as promised on the morning of Saturday it was released, I actually went out and bought another one from the local store!