I wanted to give a little love to my friend Max De Vivo, an outstanding guitarist, and his new project, the Foreigner tribute band "Double Vision".   Most so-called "tribute" bands are basically just playing the hits.   But, like Fresno's Fab Faux ("The Beetles") and a handful of other acts I've seen over the years, Max and his friends deliver the whole vibe, including songs and memorable playing only real fans would recognize.

I first met Max several years ago when he was auditioning players for "Midnight Run", a Journey tribute band, and I've always had a twinge of regret that at that time I wasn't able to pursue new musical opportunities, because they had a sensational act, delivering all of the Journey sound with just a four-piece band and a talented singer.   Max is originally from Italy, but you'd never know it to talk to him:  he's a genuinely nice guy, a 'people person' who knows how to make friends, and truly one of the tastiest and most versatile players I've had the privilege of meeting.   I'm thankful that Max was able to play some licks on my long-running CD project, because he has beautiful tone and real grace as a soloist.

Given all that, I shouldn't be surprised that his latest project tickles my interest.  Max's new band ups the ante quite a bit, and based on what I'm hearing I can't wait to see what these guys will sound out when they play out.   The players are as talented as his previous group, and this band is a six-piece, which gives them significant flexibility and power in live performance.

And, speaking of live performance, Double Vision will headline a big show at the Tower Theater on Saturday, November 24th.   The show is a benefit for Bruce Conte, a long-time friend of Max's and formerly a guitarist with Tower of Power.   Conte, who is battling leukemia, is slated to make an appearance with his band, along with Vinyl and Snail. 

There is a Facebook page set up to support Bruce, and more information should be available there in the near future concerning the November benefit here in Fresno and Conte's ongoing struggle to obtain the (very) expensive medications required to treat his condition, which is complicated because of his past history of diabetes.   Like millions of Americans, Bruce Conte has a "preexisting condition" that limits his ability to access affordable health insurance....something to think about, perhaps, as we near another date in November.

At any rate, on Nov. 24th fans of Foreigner can do "double duty": they can hear a first-rate band with top players play classic rock hits, and they can help a legendary and well-loved guitarist tackle a very difficult health situation.   Two for the price of one, and everyone wins.   Come out and support this event, you'll be glad you did.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Scott, Guy " Guido" Valverde here I work with " The Original Snail" I was reading your blog about the show sounds like it should be a great night. We are "The Original Snail" could you change your blog to read " The Original Snail" Thanks Alot, Guido

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