It's pretty sad, but Sunday's loss in Minnesota (I'm a Cowboys fan) found me in need of a little cheering up, especially with the weather gloomy and my wife under the weather with a cold. So I indulged in a little madcap surfing.

For some strange reason, the following excess of popular culture does, in fact, perk me up a little. Presented for your viewing pleasure, some shots of the Harry Potter attraction currently under construction at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida:

The castle is of course not really life-size. If you look carefully, you can see that individuals looking up are going to get a greatly exaggerated view of a model that looks to be about 1/2 scale. Still, the scope of this is truly impressive to callow fan-boys such as myself.

You can see much more of this stuff at brianordoff.com. I am appreciative, perhaps you will be, too. But, so help me, Brian, if any of this is Photoshopped, I will hex you.

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