Do you see how he rides through the city gates
as a king, with his head held high?
Do you see in his face any sign or trace
that he knows he will soon have to die?
Surely he would have known in his special way
that they sought him to crucify:
Yet he rides unafraid though the sun and shade
as 'Hosanna!' the people cry.

Do you see how he goes to Gethsemane
as the night winds begin to blow?
Do you see him on his knees, near the olive trees,
as he prays for God's true will to know?
There are none who would blame him for staying free
of a death so painful and slow;
Yet he knows he must see to his destiny,
to his Calvary he must go.

Do you see how he stands in the judgement hall
as a captive with head bowed low?
Do you see how he fails to reply when assailed
with blunt questions whose answers he knows?
Could it possibly be that his lot was cast
to have failed as Savior and King?
Yet we see in his eyes not the least surprise
when they say he must face death's sting.

Do you see how they take him outside of town
to the hill to be crucified?
Can you stand there and hear ev'-ry taunt and jeer,
Do you see how he painfully dies?
Yet if all that he said when he walked this earth
would be treasured and held as wise,
There is no way to doubt that the truth will out;
even now he prepares to rise!

From 'Lenten Carol', words and music by Stephen Walters. Published by The Sacred Music Press. (C) 1994 by The Sacred Music Press. All Rights Reserved.


Kimmers said...

that's wonderful. Do you have the music?

Anonymous said...

wow, he didn't even write that song! he stole it from Steven Walters. Kind of surprising seeing a teacher commit plagiarism

Anonymous said...

*Stephen Walters

Anonymous said...

you guys are fucking retards. he says right at the bottom where it came from, and nowhere does he say that he wrote the song. maybe you should learn to read next time, dumbasses

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

(much amused)

In my experience, there is a great deal of unattributed sourcing out there in the 'evo-creo wars', wars in which I have been known to skirmish now and then.

Therefore, I always try to embed a link to any source material if it's available online, and if it doesn't seem readily available, I always make it my business to provide attribution.

When doing public presentations, I've even sought permission for photocopying short extracts from author's works from the authors themselves. I've made it my business to get the 'OK' from Ken Miller, Michael Ruse, etc. Even though I don't charge for these materials, and small numbers of copies are covered under fair use anyway, I want to bend over backwards in making myself accountable to the original authors simply because I don't want anyone accusing me of unethical conduct in that context.

Unfortunately, there have been several cases wherein legitimate scientists have been told one thing about how their works or images are going to be used, and then another was done. There has even been an instance in which I caught a creationist in a public talk using large chunks of original material that I had created without giving yours truly credit for material in question!

So, to my anonymous watchdogs, nice try, no cigar. I'm not going to intentionally give anyone an ad hominem talking point. Those folk are going to have to find better arguments.

Anonymous said...

hey im doing a presentation about plagiarism! I can use this argument

Bendy said...

In the dead of night
Shell come and take you away
Searing beams of light and thunder
Over blackened plains
She will find her way

Flying high through the night
She will hide your fate
As she takes your soul from under
And the blinding light of the castle fades

There is no escape
Its the ending of your precious life

Your soul slipped away
It belongs to the queen of the Reich
The queen of the Reich
Yeah shes coming for you

You're fading away
Your life cast astray
A victim the beast shall obtain

The light will not shine
For you'll die tonight at her shrine
And black is the last thing you'll see

Over and over
Dreams of dying fill your head
Its the sign of the cross
That you'll find ahead

No one will answer
The light is fading away
Captive souls are screaming out in pain

There is no escape
Its the ending of your precious life

Your soul slipped away
It belongs to the queen of the Reich
You're fading away, no, no, no
The queen of the Reich
You're slipping away, yeah
The queen of the Reich

This is better.

Anonymous said...

The so-called theory of evolution has far too many flaws to be even remotely believeable. This is why I think there must be some high-power being (a God) involved with creation.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, another God-believer who can't even spell "believable". But what else can you expect from a Christian? They only use the church to rape little boys.

Matt M said...

Oh look, another atheist who make the rest of us look like bigoted idiots.

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

My, this thread is curiously lively. I'd spend some time analyzing the odd psychology of the various posts, but frankly as a death cult member I have to get busy to the work of murdering the Lord Jesus.

(rolls eyeballs until they hurt)

Anonymous said...