As in, I'm all in favor of having one. When does it start?

If I sound bitter, it's because I haven't had much of a vacation yet:

  • I was busy helping my wife sell our home, and now I'm getting ready to move (before August 8th)
  • I've spent three days digging in ditches, helping the family develop a 20-acre subdivision out in Sanger. The first picture, taken at 5:20, sets the scene for the development, tentatively named 'Cortland Heights.' There are 7 parcels, with about 1,400 feet of trenches to be filled with sand, leveled, then fitted with 4-inch PVC conduit to carry power. Each 20-foot piece of conduit costs $22.40, and the budget is tight. Hence the 'work crew' consists of myself and these three boys. Don't they look like they are having a grand time? Keep in mind that I got there before they did , they'd leave after lunch and I would soldier on each day:

I like the way my wife brings them nourishment, but stays in her (air-conditioned) gas-guzzler while bossing the lot of us. On the last day, she nearly provoked a revolt with an ill-considered remark at the expense of the guy running the shovel. Poor sensitive Parrish!

In other tasks:

  • I'm bringing the message to our congregation on July 20th

But now, the good news: I'm getting a real vacation next week. I and a couple of nerdy colleagues from work are going to San Diego, for this. Should be tremendous, and hopefully help me recharge my batteries.

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