The concert's PA audio was recorded onto CD and I plan on taking the CD, editing it, and making a limited number of copies available as a promotional item for the church's 'P.I.E.' ("Paying Indebtedness Early') project. In some cases, I'll align the PA audio with the preexisting tracks they were recorded with.

In the meantime, here are some images from the early portions of the concert which focused on country and gospel music, the kind I remember growing up:

This is me, slaughtering 'Folsom Prison Blues' (which is just about the first piece of music I remember as a kid, interestingly enough).

Wayne Golden and I turn Stuart Hamblin's 'It Is No Secret' into a duet.

Me and the church's 'Praise Team' are saying that, like songwriter Ira Stamphill, we've got a "Mansion Over The Hilltop."


Madhu said...

Sorry, Scott - we couldn't make it to the concert. Something else came up that saturday. Looks like we missed some fun!

When do you want to watch some cricket then?

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

As a longtime Brady Bunch fan, I'm immediately suspicious of madhu's excuse. Something came up is what Greg coached Marsha to use when she had a so-so date to the school dance, but then a groovier guy invited her.

I'm impressed that you were the headline act for this concert! And this is coming from someone who's not easily impressed.

So I'm not the only one who remembers my First Song. Besides the nursery music that my parents limited me to until I was six years old, my first music memory is These Boots Were Made For Walkin'.