My father, who used to deliver the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, is now featured in an article by that publication that nests the key facts about his latest book in his personal history. It's a reasonably good piece, but why do the writers always steer the content back toward the person presenting the content? You could watch the Biography Channel 24-7 and learn virtually nothing about the ideas that were important to some of the figures they chronicle.

Well, anyway, here's an imaginary tip of the beer stein (I'm avoiding sugars for now) to the paterfamilias. And, if you want to know more about his book, you should probably check out my Dad's blog to that effect. Amazon's sold out! (hint, hint!)

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RBH said...

Neat stuff. I've wanted a Vincent ever since a friend and I were riding double on a big Harley (my bike was in the shop) on A1A in Florida in 1962 and a Black Shadow pulled alongside us. The rider looked over at the fluorescent purple Harley we were on, curled his lip in a sneer, shifted down, and was gone!