The long-rumored possibility of plagiarism action against ID advocates and their allies, first generally highlighted by ERV, now seems to have touched Ben Stein and Company. Read it here first.

This film has already rather curiously been pulled from distribution right around the anniversary of Darwin's birth. Now, with its premiere in Fresno just days away, will it happen, or won't it? Stay tuned for further info, but really, can the folk behind 'Expelled' expect me to believe this latest bump in the road is just another clever episode of viral marketing? Every time they stumble in public, they quickly spin it as if whatever happened is all going according to plan, which is frankly hilarious. I'm now of two minds: on the one hand, the film doesn't sound like anything but a hatchet job, and it would be satisfying to see it torpedoed on their own malfeasance. On the other hand, that might play into the 'conspiracy of science' that's their main (if illusory) talking point. And besides, the longer 'Expelled' is in the public eye, the more goof-ups go public. It hasn't even opened yet, but 'Expelled' is the gift that keeps on giving. Why would I want it to stop now?

Actually, let me add on to that point. Wesley Elsberry hits the nail on the head right here. We should hope they go on with the show as scheduled!

PREDICTION: The IDevotees may soon be in court...against each other!

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