Well, kinda sorta. I haven't posted in a few days, which is not like me, so to those readers popping in to check (I know you're out there), I'm sorry I haven't had much new to report. Here's the quick skinny on Hatfield's crazed existence with new items, etc.:

  • I've had four three-day weekends in the last six weeks due to the way the district wrote our schedule. It probably hasn't been in the best interests of my students, but I've had more free time than usual and as a consequence have been able to blog quite a bit. Well, those days are gone until Spring Break.

  • My son (sigh) got a better grade in a recent assessment in the course we're taking together, and I think he was just whistling in the dark when he did it. There may be hope for him yet.

  • My parents are visiting SoCal (my brother's neck of the wood) from Texas this week, so I'm planning to make a trek.

  • The house is on the market....again.

  • I'm on a new diet routine. Now I need some exercise. But when will I find time with tutoring on Tuesdays, class on Wednesday, choir on Thursday and ancillary groups competing for my time? When will softball get started again?

Any way, stay tuned....!

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