Geography is a wonderful discipline.

One can study geography from a physical point of view, or from a cultural point of view, and the next two upcoming Valley Cafe Scientifique talks are going to look at time's geography in different senses!

The phrase adorning this post, by the way, is the memorable title of a book by CSU Fresno Professor Robert Levine, the same Dr. Robert Levine who will be giving the next talk, this coming Monday.

Levine's talk will be no doubt a distillation and (perhaps) some refinements of the views expressed in his award-winning book, which essentially involves many fascinating cross-cultural comparisons of the psychological experience of time.

Now I have to wonder.

If, by writing short, choppy sentences, will you read faster?

Or not? Will it be truly faster, or will it have the weird counter-intuitive effect of slowing things down----just as repeated stolen base attempts and the efforts to stop basepath larceny slow down the pace of baseball games. Does the sort of recreation chosen affect the way time passes in our minds?

Maybe Dr. Levine will have an answer to questions like that!

Anyway. . . (tick, tock). . .

The presentation will occur on Monday, March 3rd, at 6:30 PM. Valley Cafe Sci will again be hosted by the exotic new Fresno eatery
Lucy's Lair, which has again agreed to put together a special buffet for the event.

For more information about the locale, here's the address/phone number for Lucy's Lair.

10063 N Maple Ave

Fresno, CA 93730

(559) 433-9775

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Stan said...

Short choppy sentences. That's how "Papa" did it.