Um, this is really cool but in a weird way. It's a virtual Neil Peart drum solo ("YYZ"), which means that it's virtual virtuosity. Me, I dabble with drumming as a means of realizing my studio recording projects, so my respect for those with serious chops is boundless. Peart is an amazing player, but I have to wonder what Ayn Rand would think of a virtual replication of a real creator's image and work. I mean, did Peart get a cut? Did he have creative control of this simulation? Perhaps he should just destroy all of his recordings rather than be ripped off this way.

Then again, many Rush recordings are sort of virtual philosophy bull-sessions. Kinda deeply shallow, or as Apu might intone, full of shallow deepness.

What? This post is almost over? At last, I shrugged!


CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

• Thanks for sharing the virtual drum solo, I enjoyed it.

• You really reckon there's a cut to have his hand in anyways?

• 19+ years ago, I thought the name Neal was a fitting combo of Neil and Peart.

CarlaCarlaCarlaCarla said...

Almost forgot: Until today, I didn't realize what YYZ was (other than the obvious). Can you tell I've never flown to Toronto?