Wendee Holtcamp is an award-winning nature writer, a doctoral candidate in biology at Rice University and a self-described 'evolutionist.' She is also a committed Christian, and that makes her thoughts on ID especially worth savoring, as when she remarks:

As a Christian myself, I always wonder why the IDers don't think for a moment that maybe God *isn't* on their side when he keeps giving victory after victory to the supposedly "other side"? Although God's ways are mysterious and no one can claim to fully know God's ways, God is certainly on the side of Truth (and I do believe that there is Truth), especially since in the Bible the devil is described as the "father of lies."

Well said, I say. You can check out the whole thing here, and I also heartily recommend this (soon-to-be-a-classic) essay which appears on the ASA (American Scientific Affiliation) web site.

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