Lily's leaping lizards, that is.

This remarkable young woman is an enterpreneur, because of her ability to....(ahem) charm anole lizards, which then serve as a succedaneum for action figures.

She's demonstrated her abilities on, among other places, the Letterman Show, and she's got a whole web site of delightfully quirky lizards 'posed' like dollies. Here's one:

And, no, though I've been known to play a few lounge gigs in various bands, that's not me. In any case, the image is real, not Photoshopped. Apparently after young Ms. Capehart strokes their bellies they are docile and pliable for up to ten minutes at a time, then return to normal. It may be that holding them and stroking them in a particular orientation applies a subtle pressure to their spinal cord, resulting in temporary paralysis. I'm not a lizard expert? Any comments?


Spurge said...

Hi Scott

Love your blog.

As far as I can find out turning the lizard upside down restricts the lizards breathing causing it goes into trance like state to save energy. I think the rubbing is superfluous.

If you search for "lizard tricks" on You Tube there is a video of it being done by a girl that apparently saw it done on TV.

Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Spurge: Thanks for the kind words, and welcome! I'll have to check out You Tube and see that trick for myself..!