I had an incident today, and there's a possibility that it may affect my blog. During my 7th period class, two young 'ladies' began brawling in the front of my class, and in the process knocked over my podium, broke a stapler (one threw it as the other) and (tripping all over the power cords) unseated the video card in my computer. I'm trying to run it now, but it's looking creaky. I may need a new monitor, or a new video card, or both.

As a precaution (who knows what else might have happened during the melee) I'll bring in a portable hard drive to back up my main drive on my school computer later this week. In the event that there is a failure, I'll be able to get the blog up and running with an older Windows XP computer that I've kept around for such an eventuality, but I might be out of action for 2-3 days.

Otherwise, don't worry. And yes, for the record, those girls will not be back in my class again, ever. I feel sorry for them, especially (ironically) the girl who provoked the conflict, but that's the way it's going to have to be. It's a shame that, in order to effect that, I'll probably have to threaten high dungeon and bring in the union, etc. but I can't have anyone who does anything like that in a science classroom. Thank God that this didn't happen during a lab with glass or flame. In my world, it's safety first, social engineering a distant second.


Calladus said...

Oh my!

But I completely understand getting them out of a dangerous lab environment. Too bad my high school chem teacher didn't have that attitude, she could have prevented some pain and destruction from a couple of students.

Do you need any computer assistance?

Scott Hatfield . . . said...

Mark, thanks for the offer. I have two colleagues who are unbelievably adept in that department, thankfully: one was a Mac rep and does high-end video transfer and DVD production to the tune of about 100 Gb/week, and the other builds customized PC's the size (and power) of a Mac mini. The latter was in there with a soldering gun late yesterday evening. So I have no shortage of assistance---but thanks anyway for your generous offer!