Not much time for blogging the last few days, I'm afraid. The incident with the fistfight in my classroom I've previously posted about. But my plate is full for other reasons. First of all, my school's football team is undefeated (4-0) and tonight's 'Friday Night Lights' for us. Yet somehow I need to make time for....

...The first in the series of local SDA-sponsored satellite presentations of "Out of Thin Air", the latest attempt by Adventists to shore up their historical commitment to a literal 6-day creation by sniping at 'Darwin's Dangerous Idea'. Of course, I'm going to attend, hopefully with a real geologist rather than the disciples of George Macready Price.

Plus, I'm hurrying to send off promotional materials for the first edition of Central Valley Cafe Scientifique, which premieres on October 1st. Gotta get them out the door (or into folk's email folders) today!

Finally, last but definitely not least, as I type this there are: 7 teams still in the hunt for the playoffs in the NL, all 4 playoff spots in doubt, and only 3 games left in the schedule---an absolutely unprecedented thriller of a finish in the Senior Circuit, a weekend of possibly historic proportions for this Padres fan.

So forgive me, Vox supporters, if I punt today and tonight on any more rejoinders in my exchange with Vox. I'll follow through eventually, promise!

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