A few months back, I took Lee Strobel to task for his book 'The Case for a Creator', which not only parroted the official Discovery Institute set of talking points in a user-friendly fashion for folk in the pews, but purported to be an objective journalistic investigation of the facts regarding evolution vs. intelligent design (ID)

Well, as you might imagine, not everyone in the pews is going to wade through an entire book on such as that, no matter how slick and accessible, so Illustra Media (an arm of the Discovery Institute) produced a video summarizing Strobel's 'investigation', and these are now available in segments on YouTube.

The above video (which is in two parts) is a response to Strobel's production, which only breaks down the various misinterpretations, misleading arguments and downright lies featured on the video but (in the second part) has all the footnotes/sources one can want.

You should not only check out the video if interested, but look at some of the other source material they've made available, including some wonderful evolution stuff sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. By the way, I should mention, that if you are an educator, you can probably get free DVD's of HHMI productions like the one shown on ExtantDodo's page.

ExtantDodo, much kudos!

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Vinny said...

Entertaining and informative.

Since I feel that intellectual integrity obligates me to consider the best arguments of those with whom I disagree, I picked up the "Case for Christ" from the library yesterday. It saddens me that anyone could be so dishonest.

Unfortunately, Bible believers do not actually read apologetic literature. They just like to have it on their shelves because it comforts them to think that there really is objective evidence for the myths they believe.