I got this by way of Dr. Katti's site. It's...amusing, if you can forget for one moment how this fellow (who home-schools all his children) has basically cast his lot with the DI's attempt to wreck science education in this country. Look for a very sly remark from Colbert about the usefulness of, say, wood or wire, etc.


Bruce said...

I think Stephen totally ripped Behe in this conversation. "Darwin's Einstein", pushing God back (into the gaps). Colbert's shtick sometimes gets in the way during his interviews. I though it worked perfectly with Behe.

Scott Hatfield . . . said...

Welcome, bruce! Thanks for your comment. I totally agree, but it's so slyly done that it will go right over the head of many in the pews. One thing's for sure, Colbert does his homework, because the criticism of the facile comparison of Dembski to Newton or Einstein is out there in the literature, as is Miller's devastating 'mousetrap' critique of Behe's claim of 'irreducible complexity.' I'm not surprised. The last time I talked to Ken Miller, he showed this clip and he (no slouch himself at communicating) made a point of mentioning how bright Colbert was.