Wendee Holtcamp, that is. She's a professional science writer, a Ph.D candidate, the author of 'The Fish Wars' (a must-read for partisans in the evo/creo wars, I think) and she has a blog, here.

Here Wendee tries to see the forest for the trees where fundamentalism and faith are concerned. Check it out!

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Ian said...

Absolutely. I have been reading her postings on the Ecolog-L listserve for years, but it's only recently that I realised she had a blog (or two).

I find both you and Wendee inspiring, and people who balance faith and science (although I call myself Christian, you two appear to be far more orthodox than I am). I also admire her ability to fit into what appears to be a far more conservative church than I would ever set foot in. So yes, I agree, Wendee is cool.