My father, Jerry Hatfield, is one prolific dude when it comes to his passion, antique motorcycles and their history. At last count, he's published more than a dozen books, has appeared in documentaries (on the History Channel and Springfield public television) and is recognized worldwide as an expert on this topic. Here's a nice interview which summarizes some of my Dad's interests and opinions.
I would just like to go on record that, in addition to being envious of his publication record (he has another book coming out this fall on racing legend Rollie Free), I'm also proud of to call him my old man.


david said...

Was your dad in the Air Force, stationed at Edwards AFB, back in the early 80s?

Scott Hatfield . . . said...

Why, yes, David, he was! In fact, I'm a proud graduate of Desert High School. I suspect, by your age, that you were at one point a Scorpion, as well?