Well, the previous post seems to have struck a nerve. It didn't hurt, either, to be linked to PZ Myers' fabulous blog, Pharyngula, at which locale I am active and (it's still hard to say this without pinching myself) appreciated. Once again, I have to say thanks to the many who have given me much-valued criticism, support and encouragement. I think, in this post, I'll focus on some of the folk who I think of as 'jump-starters'. These are the ones who write, who speak out, who do things within the Central Valley/Northern Californai who stand up for science education, for critical thinking, for religious freedom. They are 'jump-starting' the evolution of the community:

  • Mark, who is founder of the Fresno area meetup group for skeptics, has a charming blog of his own and encouraged me to start my own. Right now Mark is dealing with that cruel and pesty thing we call 'reality', but he has a long-standing challenge to creationists of all stripes that you can read in this essay here. He's sort of the Anti-Hovind, you might say.

  • Madhu, who not only encouraged me to blog, but really sort of shamed me into it by naming me a contributor to this blog, whose title really says it all. He and his colleagues at CSU Fresno have lended me valuable advice and often-bemused counsel on the various occasions I've taken the science education battle to the public, or even the pews.

  • Zeno, who encouraged me on Pharyngula to put my views out there for public critique, has an interesting recollection about a similar example of intolerance toward non-believers that was published in Fresno. I had no idea until he mentioned it that he, too, was a graduate of CSU Fresno----but I'll try to remember to not, in a job interview, advertise that fact too loudly.

These are just some of the folk in my neck of the woods who seem to be doing their part to make my part of the planet safe for science. Or at least, less dangerous, I hope. Thanks, guys!

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Zeno said...

Good start! Now all you have to do is keep up the good work...