It's the converse of the usual Latin phrase.   In this case, a seller (through Ebay) provided an item, but either failed to describe or failed to notice a defect in the merchandise, which in this case is a Louis Vuitton accordeon wallet described as being in "excellent condition."

My wife and I would like to believe the seller made an honest mistake, but we think that the wallet is definitely not in "excellent condition" and present the following images as evidence to that effect.   First, here is the wallet, opened but with the inner compartment zipped up:

If we unzip the wallet and carefully look from the outside, you can see some white patches under the zipper.   What could that be?

Further inspection reveals that the interior material is frayed and flaking.....

This is a material defect, and, in our judgement, the sort of thing that a seller could've honestly missed but which also precludes the item in question being described as being in "excellent condition."  

We hope that by posting these images on this blog and providing a link to this blog, that our seller will be able to see what we see, be appropriately surprised, and (not wanting to have this matter disputed) will agree to refund the purchase price upon return of the merchandise.

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