Today, two fellas from Golden State Woodworking arrived with goodies and began assembling cabinets for my home studio's control room.   This is what the room looked like "before".    Notice that the floor is not completely level along the facing wall (this is, after all, a converted garage):

The cabinet pieces were custom-built, mostly made of  laminate, but with a finish that is a very good match the existing wood in the space:

There is a cabinet for the studio computer, with a slide-out drawer, behind smoked glass which also blocks most of the fan noise in the room and vents much of the excess heat:

Next up:   adding a (computer) keyboard drawer next to the computer cabinet, mounting the oversize monitor on a swiveling wall stand, reinforcing a (music) keyboard drawer under the main desk, and adding a quadrilateral angled "U-shaped" piece of wood to mount the digital recorder that will butt right up to the lower window frame.   I also have to repaint some scuffed wallboard in spots, and I'm off to Home Depot now to figure out the desired shade.


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